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Elliot Michaels

Select Produce Inc. was founded in 1978 by its acting President Elliot Michaels. Elliot started Select Produce with three trucks and three employees. It has since grown to be one of Southern California’s leading fresh and frozen produce distributors. Elliot is still involved in all the day-to-day operations, including all the procurement, finances, and accounts payable at Select Produce.

In 1975 Elliot began his career in California. He quickly moved up the ranks as a paper salesman at Marfred Paper. After winning multiple awards and achieving great success in paper he went to work for his father in law as Sales Manager of Coast Produce.

Elliot was born in Brooklyn, New York. After playing division one basketball and graduating from Long Island University he made a trip to California and never looked back. Once the thrills of the produce industry were introduced to Elliot by his father in law he knew his path was clear. It was he who gave Elliot a loan for $10,000 to start Select Produce that in turn eventually has since grown to be one of the leaders in the produce industry.

Elliot currently resides in Westlake Village California with his wife of more than 40 years. He has three children, one of which is being mentored to continue the family tradition in the produce industry. Never once growing up in the struggles of Brooklyn New York could he have dreamt of achieving such great success. Today he is looked upon and honored by his community for his recognition as an entrepreneur.

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Craig Polisky

Craig Polisky is Senior Vice President and acting Chief Executive Office of Select Produce Inc. He is responsible for all business decisions including procurement, day-to-day activities, business development, and general administrative actives.

Craig began his career in the produce industry in 1967 as a driver at progressive produce. In 1968 his Uncle came to him in need where he went on to help run Polisky produce. There he was in charge of deliveries, sales, procurement, and customer relation. In 1972 Craig moved to Coast Produce where he began as a driver. He quickly proved his worth and in 1975 was promoted to controller and headed all purchasing, sales, invoicing, inventory control and accounting.

Craig has always been a leader in innovation. Seeing the need for better management and organization in the produce industry Craig developed the first ever produce purveyor software. In 1978 he marketed and sold this software in Boston and Florida. Craig set the forefront for several other software companies whom have mirrored his innovations including the most commonly known company today Produce Pro.

In 1985 Craig was recruited to join the Albert Fisher group. He was named Chief Operating Officer at Coast Produce. He was directly involved in all mergers and acquisitions of several companies in both the United States and Canada including Apex produce in 1985 and G&G produce in 1987. In 1989 Craig became senior VP of the Albert Fisher group and moved into the corporate office in Westwood. He was in charge of five North American companies specializing in process and value added products.

In 1992 Craig joined Select Produce where he has enjoyed a wonderful career. He was born in Los Angeles Ca. and currently resides in Agoura Hills, Ca. with his wife of close to 50 years. He has a business and management degree from the California State University at Northridge. Craig has been a large part in the development of what we know today as The Produce Industry.

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Garett Michaels

Garett Michaels is Vice President of business development and Chief Marketing Officer at Select Produce Inc. Since his time at Select his responsibilities have grown from salesman, to day to day operations, logistics, customer management, employee management to business development. Garett is always looking for new innovative ways to improve business practices always trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Garett officially started his career in the produce industry in 2004 although it has been a part of his life since 1985. At just four years old his career path was evident as he loved to join his father at work passionately anticipating the excitement of what goes on in the early morning hours before the sun rises.

In 2003 Garett graduated from the University of Arizona with his bachelor of sciences degree in Communications with a minor in business. He turned down several Division I baseball scholarships after being an all-state high school athlete to be the fist walk on in over 15 years for the Wildcats.

Garett has succeeded in several other avenues of business including retail and production. His creativity is evident in his day to day activities as his passion for entertainment and business drives him to obtain complete success in several areas. It is evident that his ability to never give up is what created his success today.

Garett was born in Tarzana, Ca and currently resides in Manhattan Beach Ca. It is his dream that one day his son too will take over the family business and continue the long family tradition of produce.

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Scott Willins

Scott Willins is Chief Operating Officer and General Manger at Select Produce Inc. In this role he is responsible for day to day activities, including purchasing, receiving, quality control, customer management, route logistics, and employee management.

Scott started his career in the produce industry in 1980 with Crown produce. He instantly found produce to be his passion assisting in day to day operations and improving overall business management. Scott was recognized quickly and recruited to The Produce Man in 1982 as General Manager where he thrived increasing sales over 30%. He managed over 30 employees and improved purchasing and distributing practices.

In 1993 Scott joined the Select Produce family as night time manager. With this new addition operations seemed effortlessly. Scott was promoted to COO and General Manager in the early 2000s where he still acts at this position today. His hard work, dedication, and knowledge are one of the substantial reasons Select Produce has significant market share.

Scott was born in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from North Eastern University with a degree in Business Administration. He graduated in the top 10% of his class. Scott is a member of the Produce Marketing Association. He moved to California in 1979 where he now lives in Encino, California.

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