Select Produce believes in a “Fresh-In” approach to product procurement.

Here in Los Angeles we are in a unique position to be between four and seven hours from most of the major growing areas that supply much of the country. We believe there is no reason to purchase merchandise ahead of time, and thereby deliver less than the freshest possible product.

Two major modes for product procurement are utilized:

Direct Purchasing:

We at Select Produce have outstanding long time relationships in place with all of the major fresh produce brokers supplying the Los Angeles area. These brokers are the same people that are currently supplying much of the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Terminal Market. We shop with all of these brokers looking for the best quality at the best possible price. Orders are placed before nine am and are received no later than three am the following morning.

We use the local terminal market to check various products and various labels. We can see what was delivered today, and make educated judgments about what similar produce would look like when delivered tonight. Armed with this quality knowledge, we can then choose the right labels for the best value.

Los Angeles Wholesale Terminal Market:

Many times grower/shippers have found themselves in a position where they may have harvested and packed more product than they actually have demand for. When this happens, many of them use the Los Angeles Market as the best outlet for surplus products. We are geographically the best, and we have large enough volume to consume large amounts of product. When these overages occur, the products are generally given to wholesale companies located in on of our three major wholesale terminal markets.

Individuals who have strong relationships with these particular grower/shippers will then receive the produce on an “open” basis. This means that the grower/shipper allows the market salesperson to establish the best possible price he or she can get for that item. There are often incredible values in the LA market. When these deals are available, we are in position to take complete advantage of the situation.

So, in essence, Select Produce use broker relationships, and pits them against market salesperson relationships to get the best possible value on the greatest cross-section of products.

We make every attempt to purchase the highest yield products available, provided that these are cost effective. It is our contention that our customers need products which will ultimately keep the produce portion of their food cost at a minimum without sacrificing quality.